The Effects Of AZT.

At present we are made to believe that pregnant woman who are given AZT or other anti-retroviral drugs pass the HI virus to their babies at half the rate. When the Minister of Health in South Africa placed the drug on hold in1999, it created a huge outcry and protest marches from certain groups in South Africa. Subsequently the outcry has somewhat stifled, are they eventually realizing that maybe there is more to AZT?

Amongst scientist there are disputes about what exactly it is that mothers pass on to their babies, is it antibodies to the virus (protection) or is it the HI virus.

The standard  Elisa test only measures antibodies and in the few research studies where PCR is used the meaning of a positive test is disputed. Some scientist question the use of AZT or similar drugs to limit mother to child transmission they say its value is not proven and the risks are high. The US Food and Drug Administration Cleared AZT for human use despite serious flaws during testing. During the trial period deaths were minimal but soared when the trial ended. Reports in the New York Native newspaper in 1987 and 1992 based on documents acquired under the Freedom of Information Act bear testament to this fact.




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he standard  Elisa test only measures ant






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