Apartheid South Africa

Bantu Education

The introduction of Bantu Education led to a huge reduction of government aid to the already ailing learning institutions of black Africans. The above law forced institutions under the direct control of the state. The National Party now had the power to employ and train teachers as they saw fit. Black teachers salaries in 1953 were extremely low and resulted in a dramatic drop of trainee teachers.

The policy of Bantu (low level or gutter) education was aimed to direct black or non-white youth to the unskilled labor market, to ensure white control and prosperity. All of the above was carefully orchestrated and implemented in the name of "God" by the powers to be. By controlling the media they convinced the white electorate that the cause was "just" and it would greatly benefit blacks in South Africa. Black political organizations reacted with anger at the new law. Thousands of parents vowed, they would rather have children roaming the streets, than to be subjected to Bantu Education.

The ANC and other political parties suggested that private schools be set up, but the authorities were well prepared, and had a new law in place making it compulsory for all schools to be registered with the state. By 1956 the majority of black youth was forced into Bantu Education. In 1959 this type of education was extended to "non white" Universities and Colleges.






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