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Does AZT Cause AIDS?

Supreme Court to Hear Case of AIDS Caused by AZT

Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati, a pathologist, toxicologist and Alive & Well advisory board member recently shared some interesting news: The Supreme Court of England and Wales will hear the case of Arnold Sauti Nyirenda, a UK citizen who claims following his doctor's orders to take AZT caused him to develop conditions diagnosed as AIDS. Nyirenda is suing his doctor as well as the manufacturers of AZT.

The order to trial was issued May 21, 2002 (Nyirenda vs The Wellcome Trust, Glaxosmithkline PLC, and Dr. Richard Cocker Case # HQ01X04869) giving the defendants just 28 days from the time of serving to present their defense.

In determining whether to order trial, the court reviewed Dr. Al-Bayati's differential diagnosis of Nyirenda, which identified AZT as the cause of his AIDS illnesses. The court also considered Al-Bayati's many articles on the subject of AIDS drug induced AIDS along with the compelling evidence presented in his book (Get All the Facts: HIV Does Not Cause AIDS), ordering the case to go to trial based on facts that demonstrate AIDS was induced by AIDS medications.

The Supreme Court's decision to hear the case indicates that differential diagnosis (a diagnosis based on factual evidence rather than on assumptions about HIV as the cause of AIDS-defining illness) is admissible in a court of law despite the general acceptance of the HIV-causes-AIDS hypothesis.

Dr. Al-Bayati has evaluated the cases of other HIV-positive individuals with AIDS-defining illnesses who blame AIDS treatment for their conditions and has presented his findings to their treating physicians. He reports, In all cases, HIV appeared a harmless virus and AIDS was induced by the medications. I believe that the Nyirenda case in England will lead to more legal actions in Europe, the USA, and worldwide challenging the validity of the HIV hypothesis and the current treatments for patients with toxic AIDS drugs.

As long as this case does not settle out of court, Dr. Al-Bayati will go to London to present his findings in the trial.