Maximum Hoodia Dosage and Action Diet plan

In most cases taking increased dosages of Hoodia Gordonii, is not entirely necessary although it works well for some, each one of us are unique therefore it is best to see what works for you as an individual. 

Some users empty two capsules of Hoodia in a glass, add a little water, stir thoroughly, sip and swirl in the mouth. They firmly believe that the method works best for them. Could be the saliva that aids digestion? (Please note Hoodia has a bitter taste).

We had a few stubborn cases so far; this is how we resolved both. It appeared that both subjects had clogged colons. (Don�t despair almost 80% of all people that are on western diets suffer from this problem.

If you suffer from 3 or more of the symptoms below, it is best to do a thorough colon cleanse
  1. Bulging abdomen
  2. Pot belly
  3. Constipation
  4. Flatulence-gas
  5. Headaches
  6. Acid reflux
  7. Fatigue
  8. Yeast infections 
  9. and obviously weight problems  

A clogged colon has twists, bulges and at certain areas degenerated. Layer of "plaque" coats the inner wall making it extremely difficult for food to be properly absorbed. The end result is that your food including the Hoodia remain in the gut far too long. When the Hoodia finally passes through the entire digestive tract, very little or nothing was absorbed into the bloodstream, therefore insufficient amounts of the miracle molecule p57 was absorbed to suppress the appetite.  

You will have to flush all the accumulated impacted debris and poisonous residue from your digestive tract and blood system.

hoodia_container.jpg (5078 bytes)We supply 100% pure wild harvested South African Hoodia Gordonii powder in 500 mg capsules. 

The way mother nature intended it to be. The exact way the San tribe collected the plant food to  eat and suppress the appetite. All we do is sun dry, turn it into powder, irradiate, encapsulate and ship it worldwide.

60 capsules only $24.95
90 capsules only $32.95
Best buy 3 containers x 90 capsules $29.75 each
Bulk Buy 6 containers x 90 capsules $27.75 each

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We have thousands of colon cleanses currently on the market today, and again some might work well for me, whilst it might not work for you. I suggest you do a search on Google, use the keyword "natural colon cleanse" It should provide you with sufficient info to make an informed choice. Alternatively consult with your holistic healer or nutritionist.

Here are some important pointers to follow:

  1. The product should aid in strengthening the gastro-intestinal tract.

  2. It should stimulate your peristaltic action to move waste quickly through your intestines and out of your body. There are products that vary from as little as under $10.00 - $80.00, but please note expensive does not mean better results.

  3. You should lose one or two sizes across the waist after your first colon cleanse.

Cleaning out the gut have immense health benefits. Once all your food are more readily digested, you will enviably experience less food cravings (because the body won't be robbed of vital nutrition). Once you have completed the colon cleanse the Hoodia pills will do its work more effectively. Recommended dosage 1-3 capsules at least on hour before meals.

Beside the appetite being suppressed some people have reported improved energy and self-confidence. Lastly include fresh vegetable and fruit juicing in your diet. This will aid bowel movement and will contribute to your overall health. Back to Hoodia start page

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