From Hoodia Gordonii to P57

CSIR isolated the hunger-suppressing chemical component in Hoodia Gordonii, now known as P57. Patented it, In 1997.

CSIR licensed the UK-based firm Phytopharm to further develop and commercialize P57.

It has been established that P57 works fooling the brain into thinking it is full, even when it is not, therefore curbing the appetite.

The following year, Phytopharm licensed drug giant Pfizer to develop and market P57.

P57 (press releases from Phytopharm)

1997 23 June  Phytopharm to Develop Natural
Anti-obesity Treatment

1998 24 August  Collaboration with Pfizer to Develop and Commercialize Obesity Drug (P57)

1998 13 October  Anti-Obesity Drug Candidate (P57) Enters Phase I Clinical Trials

1999 14 April  Opens Manufacturing unit in South Africa.

2000 03 August
Extension of Research Collaboration on Appetite Suppressant (P57) with Pfizer Inc.

2001 07 March  Commences Proof of Principle Clinical Study of P57 for Obesity.

April  Proof of Principle Phase I Clinical Study of P57 for Obesity - Successful Completion of First Stage.

2001 05 July  Proof of Principle Clinical Study of P57 for Obesity - Successful Completion of Second Stage 2001 10.

2001 05 December  Successful Completion of Proof of Principle Clinical Study of P57 for Obesity.

2002 11 April  Opens new manufacturing unit in South Africa.

2002 30 July  Future development of P57.

2003 12 March  Update on development programme Appetite Suppressant P57

2003 30 July  Pfizer returns rights of P57.

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