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Apartheid In South Africa

Apartheid was designed to separate black and white South Africans, to oppress, dominate and control blacks, and in the same breath to enrich white South Africans at the expense of the oppressed black people. The seeds of Apartheid were sowed as early as 1910. Apartheid officially became law after the Reunited National Party won the white minority elections on the 28th May 1948.

The Apartheid Laws.

Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act # 55 of 1949.

Immorality Amendment Act # 21 of 1950.

Population Registration Act # 30 of 1950.

Group Areas and Segregation Act # 41 of 1950.

Suppression of Communism Act # 44 of 1950.

Bantu Building Workers Act # 27 of 1951.

Separate Representation of Voters Act # 46 of 1951.

Prevention Of Illegal Squatting Act # 52 of 1951.

Homeland System Bantu Authorities Act # 68 of 1951.

Native Laws Amendment Act of 1952.

Native Pass Laws Act # 67 of 1952.

Native Labour Settlement of Disputes.

Bantu Education Act # 47 of 1953.

The freedom charter - was produced at Kliptown by black opposition movements, and was a direct result of the harsh injustices to oppress Africans of color in South Africa. It contained 10 clauses.

Defiance Campaigns - To the architects of Apartheid, the fact that the majority of Africans were opposed to their plans was of little or no importance The new existing made by the authorities crushed resistance or defiance from opposition.

Sharpeville Massacre - On 16 March 1960, Robert Subukwe, leader of the Pan African Congress (a liberation movement or PAC), informed the commissioner of police that his organization would embark on sustained but disciplined non violent campaigns for 5 days, starting on the 21st December.