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Homeland System Bantu Authorities Act

One of the priorities of the Apartheid government was to further restrict black Africans, by creating black homelands, later known as separate development. As a result of mass evictions from white farms and land hunger in black reserves, black Africans caused huge problems for the apartheid government, by occupying private or vacant land without permission. The Apartheid government quickly stepped in an with a law preventing "illegal squatting". This law was to prevent black Africans from occupying private or public land without the permission of the authorities. Its effect was to force tens of thousands of black Africans out of urban areas.

Farm workers coming from rural areas had to be granted permission by the local authorities to work on white farms. The above laws led to the elimination of blacks owning land in white farming areas.

This system meant that all black Africans would in future legislation, be categorized according to their various tribal antecedents and forced to accept citizenship of the appropriate designated "homelands", where they can exercise political rights.

A commission was appointed to conduct an enquiry into the transformation of the country's existing black African areas into states in which blacks can govern and exercise full political rights. Although the commission established that 105 - Million British pounds were needed to implement a plan of this nature, the government rejected the sum of money as proposed by the appointed commission and said only a quarter of the sum recommended by the commission was needed. They proceed with the plan and a 75% reduction of the recommended budget.