Djembe African Drums

The Djembe sizes normally range between 6 inches in diameter x 12 inches length, up to 18 inches in diameter and 40 inches in length. The density of the, hollow carved goblet shape, quality of the goat skin and the rope determines the wide range of tones. Because all drums are hand made, each one gives off a unique deep base note. The primary notes are "tones" and "slap" a variety of other sounds are also produced by advanced players.  

Before a new skin is placed over the drum head the dried skin is immersed in water until soft and pliable. The soft skin is then placed over the top along with two steel rings, one ring fits tightly around the drum head and the other around the bottom of the head with vertical string crossing from top to bottom around the rings. The rope is then gently tightened. Once the skin is completely dried the ropes are further tightened with a rope puller. Various patterns or weaves are then made with the rope on the drum

African goat skins from west Africa are most suitable for covering the playing surface of a djembe. West Africa have the perfect climate for grazing goats, they have tougher thicker skins that impacts greatly on the sound quality. Skins used from other countries have poor sound and tends to break easily.










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