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How to get maximum benefit from Hoodia Gordonii. When using Hoodia Gordonii it is important to follow a healthy diet. A few customers reported remarkable results by adding one glass of freshly juiced veggies and eating fruits to their daily diet. When starting juicing routine, it would be advisable to dilute the juice with distilled water to allow your system to adapt.

Buy fresh vegrtables from your local farmers maket, wash chop up and juice. If you don't have a juice extractor you can get one at your local household appliance store.

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Organically grown veggies is best, it contains more vitamins and minerals than commercially grown veggies. Added advantage it contains little or no pesticides. If you cannot find organic veggies and fruit go with commercially grown. Better still start your own vegetable garden. Most probably the wisest move to make. The long-term health benefits are enormous. Equally important is exercise in the fresh outdoor air.

As with all diets it is highly recommended that once the Hoodia takes effect you should try and refrain from junk foods. Eat as much of whole foods and limit the amount of meat. Best to consult with a nutritionist about a healthy eating plan. Remember health is a long term investment, you are in this for the long haul.

Customer feedback: "Your Hoodia pills rock!! I started in mid January when I purchased my first container. I gradually lost weight and most importantly I kept it down. Fast forward to May and so far I have lost 30 lbs. "Roll on Summer and let the fun begin"