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African Juju Hats

jujuWe here at Rebirth manufacture our own Juju hats in an array of colors ranging from white to black, soft earthy tones and striking reds, blue, brown, yellow, turquoise, pinks etc. Juju Hats for Sale are in three sizes small, medium, large and in 16 colors, all items listed are in stock. Please feel free to contact us should you need a special design or color that is not listed The feathers that we use for our Juju Hats are Chicken Feathers, Ostrich plumage, Turkey Feathers, Reeve Pheasant plumage and Lady Amhurst Plumage. Feathers are treated with pesticide in a container on arrival, thereafter some batches are bleached and dyed into various colors whilst the other are kept in its natural state.


Juju BackViewModern interior design trends is to decorate wall with these juju hats to create a focal point that will perfectly match existing room decor and color scheme Juju hats are ideal to hang on the wall over your bed, mantle piece, sofa, flat screen TV or simply an empty space on the wall. You can find the Bamileke Hats Here and the Ostrich Feather Hats Here

Ostrich Feather Juju