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African Paintings Fine Art Exhibition

African PaintingCaleb: The colorful oil and acrylic art paintings reflect the changing time in South Africa. From scenes of despair and destruction, experienced during the liberation struggle, to images of hope, peace and reconciliation. South African artist Caleb creatively depicts township and village life, with colorful huts, shacks villagers and folk on the streets, dancing, singing, vending and making music. To many South Africans this is a new way of life after our new found democracy in 1994. 

African PaintingSibisi paints only to record a particular reality of the daily struggle in the life of Africans. He also collects bits of scraps, waste material and off cuts that litter township streets and incorporates them into his paintings, recycling discarded materials and giving them a new function. His art reflects street reality of people burdened by the physical loads they are forced to carry as they walk for miles to their destination, or waiting to catch a taxi. Township houses are covered with advertisement boards while the roofs as in reality protrude with corrugated metal and well-dented motor vehicles body parts. Despite the bleakness of such images there prevails a message of hope. View artist profile here.