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Pure Hoodia Harvesting

Hoodia Gordonii gets harvested in chip form the crisp dried and stored in plastic bags. The milling process only takes place once an order is confirmed. Milling the product at this late stage ensures that the hoodia is fresh. Once a order is confirmed the product gets milled into a fine powder

Thereafter an application for a CITIES express permit is made and it normally takes 2-3 days. Customer details along with quantity ordered and the supplier name is reflected on the permit. Nature conservation keep a full paper trail of each and every kilogram from time of harvest till it leaves our shores.

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Hoodia Irradiation takes a minimum of 3 days with advance booking. Although this process is fairly straight forward, once the product is irradiated it must be stored for 24 hours before it can be handled by someone without protective clothing.

Lastly the booking with airline can only be confirmed once the above is completed. Departure date is subject to cargo space. Sometimes we ship with-in 5 days that is if we have product (dried chips) available. During summer months Hoodia is extremely scarce and therefore we do not have much stock.

Seeds appears once a year especially after substantial rainfall. The flowers starts to bloom and thereafter the seeds appear. Flowering time depends on the region and amount of rainfall.